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SMBE 2007 in Halifax

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm heading off to the Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution (SMBE) annual meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is being held jointly with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIfAR, formerly known as CIAR), Program in Evolutionary Biology, which has been a major force in building Canada as a major powerhouse in molecular evolution and evolutionary genomics.

I usually go to each of these annual meetings separately, so having them together will make for quite a week! Both myself and Banoo Malik from my lab will be giving talks, so there will be some sexy gene evolution available for general consumption (in addition to the sex talk to be provided by Rosie Redfield). I'll also be spending time enjoying the wonderful city of Halifax (where I lived for 4+ years as a postdoc), catching up with many friends and colleagues and getting together with some bloggers, too.

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  1. I haven't been to the SMBE meeting since 2000 at Yale, but I am sorry I will miss this one as it seems many of my new blog-mates will be present.


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