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Sorry for the long haitus & thanks for staying tuned! Summer time has been keeping me busy this year.

So, what does this big red "A" above mean? Click it and find out for yourself. The folks over at have launched an internet effort to let the world know that there are alot of us OUT there. I'm happy to be OUT. Here's a snippet from the site:
"As more and more people join the OUT Campaign, fewer and fewer people will feel intimidated by religion. We can help others understand that atheists come in all shapes, sizes, colours and personalities. We are labourers and professionals. We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers and grandparents. We are human (we are primates) and we are good friends and good citizens. We are good people who have no need to cling to the supernatural."
When you see the A, you know!

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  1. I have recently "OUTed" myself as well...not that someone who read my blog couldn't figure out for themselves! Has your experience been one of acceptance from family, friends? My wife and I are deciding whether to tell her family...they are very Catholic, and may very well disown us. Best of luck in your research!


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