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Caucus Conundrum: Considering Compelling Candidates

For those of you still tuned in, thanks. I hope to have some more science content to share in the coming year...

In the meantime, the Iowa Caucus is weighing heavily on me—at least for the next three days. I'm uncommitted so-far, and that is weird for me. I'm usually a man of strong opinion and steady conviction... But none of the candidates (Democrats, of course) are floating my boat this time around. Perhaps it's because I'd vote and probably even campaign for any of them in November. I just don't see huge differences among them.

Politically, Dennis Kucinich is closest to my convictions as was re-iterated by my third assessment by this poll. But I have a hard time supporting Dennis this time around, even though I caucused for him in 2004 (when he & Dean were the only anti-war candidates). That's not to mention that Kucinch has all but forgotten Iowa this year (too bad for us).

The other choices are really pretty good. Last week I was leaning toward Joe Biden, who I blogged about earlier this fall. The recent debacles in Pakistan have certainly made me think even harder about international diplomacy (per se, not just foreign policy in general) as a key issue. I have always liked Joe's frank style, even if it gets him in trouble sometimes.

A few weeks ago, I went with my family to see Barack Obama (and Oprah) and it was made clear to me why people are excited about him. I like Obama, but there seems to be something substantive that's missing. My wife and many of our friends are Obama supporters, but I'm not sure what it is that's keeping me from jumping on the train. I think that Barack will be the nominee.

Which brings me to yesterday. Although I had not paid much attention to Bill Richardson so far, I saw that he was in town giving a speech and attending a few house-parties. So I decided to go and see for myself. I was impressed. I asked him about education and he was right on the mark. He knows that we are in dire straights for science and math teachers. When I asked Bill to guess how many of this year's ~60 student class that I teach (mostly junior/senior biology majors) were planning to be teachers, he correctly stated "zero" (usually 2-4 in previous years). This is scary—where will the next generation of teachers come from?? Richardson's plan includes a national minimum salary for teachers ($40K), which is a great start. Bill has a national service plan that would pay college tuition in exchange for voluntary national service. He's not just talking military here, either. His credentials in the international diplomacy arena (where we have lots of catching up to do) are really amazing. When I asked him about Science Debate 2008, he was interested and asked me to forward some info to the campaign (which I did).

How about today? Only three more days to go! I spent an hour this morning reading the Des Moines Register special Caucus section after watching some of the Sunday political talk. Hillary Clinton is giving a speech on Tuesday in Iowa City that I will probably attend. John Edwards and Chris Dodd are also in town in the next day or two. I hope that I'll be able to decide by Wednesday.


  1. I was like you until today - undecided...also unusual for me. Today I made my decision. ( Good luck with your decision-making process. It is so important this time more than EVER. Who knows - Richardson could be a wild card for the undecideds. Guess we'll find out Thursday night.

  2. Dennis Kucinich is the candidate who is closest to my views.

    From a Canadian perspective, Bill Richardson would make the best President of the ones that have a reasonable chance of getting elected.

    There's something troubling about Barack Obama. Oprah's endorsement just increases my sense of unease. She is not the kind of person whose judgment inspires confidence.

  3. As a former Iowan (quad cities), I understand your position! I'm still undecided too and Kucinich was the one in the poll whose views matched own the best. Surprisingly, the candidate I was leaning toward, Edwards, was seventh on the list. I guess Kucinich represents the most liberal of the candidates as I consider myself fairly on the liberal side. I don't really like him though.

    Richardson is by far the bet choice on paper. His background is incredible, but I think he is really running to be vice president. I would be happy be very happy with Richardson on the ticket in either position. Maybe Edwards/Richardson '08?

  4. Seeing the candidates in person is the best. MSM is better avoided. Why don't you visit the blogs like DailyKos, MyDD, OpenLeft to see what the best informed Democrats think?

  5. So, will you blog your story from your precinct and how it went?


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