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Tom Vilsack: Talking to Americans

In all fairness, Gov. Vilsack got hit too. These are so funny. We really enjoyed them when we were "Americans" living in Canada.


  1. But obviously mocking yet another rustic governor of a rural state isn't as much fun as mocking one who has since become a major presidential candidate, party fairness aside.

    But speaking of the Canadian genre of humor (which largely consists of mocking American ignorance) takes me back to when I lived there too. I always responded to moans about how "Americans are so ignorant they don't even know that our capital is Ottawa" with challenges for them to name the capital of California.

    When they (almost invariably) failed to name Sacramento, they tended to defend themselves by saying that it wasn't fair to expect them to know the capital of one of our "provinces". At which time I'd remind them that the mere "province" in question has a slightly larger population than all of Canada.

  2. The removed post (above) was a blog spam.


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