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Dawkins' Genius of Darwin

I just discovered that there is a new three-part series, The Genius of Charles Darwin, that was broadcast on UK Channel 4. I tried to buy the episodes on iTunes, but they are only available in the UK. Luckily they are all posted on YouTube.

Below is the first part (of five) of the first episode, available on YouTube.

You can read more about the episodes and find more links at


  1. If you can/want to download the episodes via Rapidshare:

  2. for an interesting option, check out my blog:what is life?all depends on the observer

  3. There is not a word in the Origin that ever had anything to do with speciation or the appearance of any of the higher taxonomic categories. All evolution WAS emergent, predetermined, prescheduled and took place independent of external forces. Phylogeny is now finished. In short -

    "A past evolution is undeniable,a present evolution undemonstrable."


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