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Mary Roach orates on orgasms

Mary Roach is the author of Stiff, Spook, and most recently—and very relevant to me—Bonk . She gave a very entertaining TED talk on "Ten things you didn't know about orgasm". It's both funny and informative.

I read Bonk last summer (?) and while I enjoyed much of it, I also had some mixed feelings. Perhaps I'll put together a review sometime.

In the meantime, enjoy...

Thanks to Pleiotropy for the lead.


  1. Absolutely superb video. Very amusingly presented. Loved the orgasm by toothbrush story! A very erudite presentation delivered in a sassy relaxed style. Nothing like the staid scientific approach I was expecting, yet full of fact nonetheless. Great viewing!
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  2. Great and funny I'm sharing that one!


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