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My First Post

Here it is, the end of Spring Break. While I have a dozen other things to do, I have (finally!) set up my own blog. I am hoping that this will be as fun as it looks. I have been lurking on others' blogs for awhile and it's time for me to add a few cents of my own.


  1. I'm excited about being the first person to comment!!!

    Welcome to blogging, see Sex, Genes & Evolution.

  2. Oh, no! Moran found you. Whatever you do, don't mention the "a" word. Drift. It's all drift!

  3. Thanks for the rousing welcome, guys. It's a different world out here!

  4. I'm excited about being the sixth person to comment!!!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of sleepless nights blogging....

  5. oh my god - don't encourage him - we have enough demented evolutionary biologists blogging away out there

  6. jonathan: in fact, you have a major responsibilty for getting me on this blog... I have been watching yours for a while now. Hope all is well..when is the new Evolution text coming out?

  7. Apparently the book is going to come out in May ... I told them to send you a copy. Also -- wanna read the chapter on microbial eukaryotes to tell us what is absolutely wrong so we can fix it?

  8. Oh, and in that shameless self promotion category

    You can apparently preorder the book from Amazon at This is the first intro evolution textbook I know of with a significant focus on the microbial world, by the way.


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