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New Layout

Some of the initial correspondents have noted how difficult the dark background is for them to read, so I have switched to another template. Please let me know if this is better or worse. I'm one of these guys who uses white backgrounds on my power-point slides, but I am always jealous of those who can use black backgrounds and pull it off effectively.I guess it's different for blogs, where it is mostly text and you have to be able to read all of the words.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!

    My tech writing professor said that studies have shown that black text on a white background has the best readability for print and white text on a black background is best for computer screens. Something about the white screen being bad for the eyes in the long run even though it offers the best contrast.

    I think the site is fine either way, but I may not the best judge. In college I used a peach background and light blue text just so people couldn't read over my shoulder.

  2. Well, I read this on a laptop and black backgrounds are very annoying because of the reflection. I prefer black text on white.

  3. John!

    Holy crap, great to see you on the blogosphere! You will be aggregated, resistance is futile!

  4. I also read on a laptop, and I've never had any trouble with reflections. My own blog is light (not quite white) on black.

    All else being equal (it never is), black backgrounds should use less power, since the pixels are just "off". However, I know pretty much nothing about cathode-ray-tube or liquid-crystal-display or any other monitor technology.

    It's your blog, go with what you like best.

  5. heather: where is your blog? Are you hiding it from jeff?

  6. These old eyes vote for black text on a light background, thanks.

  7. Hah! No Blog here. Maybe I will start blogging when I finish my thesis! I'll glean gems from yours in the mean time. See you at the Gordon?


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