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Genomicron reaches ~1K hits

Genomicron: Hits. T. Ryan Gregory posted about his initial success in this medium. I seconded that emotion. He liked my blog title, too (Thanks!).

I need to figure out if my counter is looking at total hits or unique visitors (I assumed the latter; does anyone know?).

The image is from Gregory's recent book which, unfortunately, I have not yet read. It's been on my list for a while...


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  2. The one I use is StatCounter (, which lets you know both page loads and unique visits. The one I display on the blog is the latter because it seems more informative. Thanks for the plug, too :-).

  3. Yes, statcounter is a good free solution.

    Regarding the book, I'll be keeping an eye out for it at local shops. It's one of a couple of books on evolution I'm thinking of purchasing soon. But like any university student, my euros only stretch so far :)

    And on a final note, thank you for adding a link to my blog. I've got to organize my blogroll.


  4. Regarding the book, I'll be keeping an eye out for it at local shops.

    Good luck! Your best bet to find the book is probably a university bookstore (if those in Europe are similar to Canadian university bookstores).

    I'm a grad student in Dr. Gregory's lab, and I found the best way to order the book was through Amazon. A few months ago, the Canadian branch of Amazon had The Evolution of the Genome marked down about 30%. Regular price is up around $80 (CDN).


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