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Secret Sex Lives of Animals

A new blog appeared this month that is right up my alley: Secret Sex Lives of Animals by Kate Hudson, an "evolutionary biologist with an interest in the oddities of the natural world". Here is a description of the blog which looks GREAT so far:
"Birds do it. Bees do it. Humans do it. In fact every animal on this earth does it. But do they all do it the same way? Mating habits in the animal kingdom range from the sublime to ridiculous, but each animal, in their own unique way, accomplishes the same goal.

Welcome to the Secret Sex Lives of Animals, a weekly column written by an evolutionary biologist on the bizarre, wonderful, colourful and sometimes shocking world of animal mating habits. The Secret Sex Lives of Animals is published each Monday at and short updates appear throughout the week."
More weird and wonderful sex in the blogosphere. Gotta love it!

Thanks to Coturnix for the lead.

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