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The Sexiest Animals on the Planet

Brian Larnder, over at Primordial Blog, which I had somehow missed until today, has a great running series of posts with nominations for the sexiest animal on the planet. Great stuff; just click on the Sexy Beast label for all of the nominees. I can't choose a favorite yet, but the latest candidate is the porcupine (per the classic query: how DO they do it?).

Thanks to Kate Hudson at Secret Sex Lives of Animals for the lead. Image from Gregory Ball.

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  1. Thanks for the link, John. I just noticed your blog the other day from that picture of all the science bloggers getting together for dinner in Toronto (It was on Sandwalk and Science Notes).

    I had hair just like yours up until a few years ago. A small patch of thinning hair on top convinced me to finally shave it.


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