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Dawkins Defends the OUT Campaign

Although I am a bit late to the party, I wanted to point OUT that Richard Dawkins has recently posted a nice essay about the OUT Campaign and why it is necessary. Here is a snippet:
"Our choir is large, but much of it remains in the closet. Our repertoire may include the best tunes, but too many of us are mouthing the words sotto voce with head bowed and eyes lowered. It follows that a major part of our consciousness-raising effort should be aimed, not at converting the religious but at encouraging the non-religious to admit it – to themselves, to their families, and to the world. This is the purpose of the OUT campaign."
PZ has already added his few cents to this and as I post, there are are already 319 comments.

Picture credit here. Thanks Matti A.


  1. dont you really mean devolution? why is there so much a possibility of a deformed child when born from incest or now even just closely related genes?
    this is not evolution or even survival of the fittest and why didnt we keep our tails, would you think they'd be so much of a benefit along with our arms and legs?

  2. anonymous: Thanks for the nudge!
    mangan: what does this have to do the post ?


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