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As ususal, I am late to the party where everyone is discussing their favorite science blogs. This was a no-RSVP-required affair that The Scientist has been hosting under the banner of "Vote for your favorite life science blogs". Most of my favorites are listed in the "Other Interesting Blogs" on the left of my blog. I actually use this list as my major navigation tool for blog-visiting. Of these, here are my most frequently-visited (and therefore most favorite):

Daily (or throughout the day):

Sandwalk. Bravo, Larry!
Pharyngula. Does PZ sleep?
Tree of Life. Jonathan says things that I wish I would have said (& some I'm glad I didn't).
FemaleScienceProfessor. Wow. FSP is anonymous and it really works!

Slightly less than daily:

Fungal Genomes & Comparative Genomics
Scientia Natura
The Evilutionary Biologist
The Loom

More than weekly:
all the rest.


  1. "I actually use this list as my major navigation tool for blog-visiting."

    You need to get yourself an aggregator!

  2. Aggregation seems like a really slippery slope to me. But I'll probably give in eventually...

    BTW, nice post on the intron paper today. I saw it come up on my Pubcrawer today (aggregator of sorts) and let out a heavy sigh...

  3. Larry and PZ manage it by not actually participating in science as such. Good that you recognize Eisen and TR Gregory -- who are actual scientists who manage to blog fairly often. Let's try to blog more often ourselves...

  4. Actually, in your second tier you recognize several active researchers besides Gregory -- like RPM, Tara, and Stajich. Which doesn't affect the central message that we should blog more.

  5. Thanks for the pep talk, Jonathan. Agreed. I should force myself to keep my ratio of [blog-posting days]:[blog-reading days] to >0.25. I started blogging midway thorugh the Spring term this year, while I was on a lighter-than-average teaching load. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to keep up the pace, especially through the summer. We'll form our own little support group...

  6. Thanks for the plug and I too wish I had not said some of those things. But I SWORE I would try to not censor myself too much on the blog out of fear. I mean, in private scientists express all SORTS of opinions. And in meetings and in reviews, they do too. Why not be OPEN about it? That would go along with my push for openness in all of science. But alas, sometimes I do write inane things (that is OK with me), or stupid things (OK too), or offensive things (OKness depends on who I offend) or incorrect things (definitely not OK).

    But you all should write in your blogs more. I like both the JL and JB blogs.

  7. Hi John,

    You have a very nice blog and I will regularly check it. I have added it to my blogroll also.

    My blog is :

    Sciencetrack Blog

    If you do the same, I would be so happy.



  8. John,
    Im really happy Pharyngula 's blog is on the list. I visit daily too!

    Chanel Natura


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