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Yes, it's as cool as it seems. My wife got me an iPhone for my birthday this year! How am I so lucky? Although I was excited about it from the start, I let it sit unopened for a couple of weeks while I figured out whether I was really prepared to pay for it. My cell phone was with Verizon, so to activate the iPhone required me to switch to ATT (@ $60/month) and start another 2-year contract. And that's on top of the device buy-in (which was purchased prior to the $200 price cut). Anyway, it's out of the box now and I am really enjoying it. I recieved and sent multiple emails today while stolling across campus. My iCal is seamlessly synched between my laptop (MacBook Pro) and my iPhone, which means that I don't have to lug my laptop around so much. Sorry if this post seems like advocacy, but sometimes you just have to let out the joy! Back to science shortly...


  1. Ah, AT&T -- Your world the NSA, that is. Ah, who am I kidding? If I could afford it I'd get an iPhone too -- my conversations would probably bore the wiretappers anyway.

  2. The Nokia N95 kicks the iPhone's ass.


  3. I don't think that the NSA will care about my personal converastions (e.g., what to get from the grocery store on the way home) or work converastions (e.g., what do do about the latest paper writing/submission/rejection..).

    As for the N95, I think that the iPhone might actually be better. For one, it's an Apple product (and I am a partisan). For two, I don't think the N95 is available in the US yet. For three, even if it available soon, the 8GB version will sell for $699, which is now $200 more than iPhone.
    See this link .

  4. Well, I did get the N95 and as they say 'so far, so good'. True, the iPhone looks pretty but its' poor excuse for a camera is one of the main reasons why I decided against the iPhone.

    For one, it's an Apple product (and I am a partisan).


  5. I agree. The camera is lame. But so far the only thing I have used it for is to take pictures of people in my contacts. As for Apple partisanship, it's not entirely a religous thing (but it might be as close as I come). I have 7-year old mac G3s in my lab that are still workhorses. My post-doc laptop (a G3 black powerbook), just recently bit the dust after 9 years of frequent use (including some hard-time while I was travelling with it frequently while I looked for jobs). So that's nothing to "sneeze" at after "coughing" ;-}

  6. While you were getting your iPhone from your wife, I was getting one for my wife's birthday!
    Ellen loves it too. True, the camera kinda sucks, but who really wants to take pretty pics with a phone? And yes I would never have bought a cell phone if it wasn't from Apple.


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