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Future Sex in Iowa??

Things have settled down a bit here in Iowa City. Although a significant portion of the campus has been hit hard by the flooding, my Department, lab and home have all been spared. We are "suspending non-essential activities" on campus this week, which means that my Department and lab are shut down for the rest of the week. Thanks to everyone for their concerns and kind wishes in this difficult time.

The organizing committee has not been able to meet to discuss the possibility of re-scheduling the Sex & Recombination meeting for a future date. I'll be querying the registrants in the coming weeks for their thoughts. I am also strongly considering attending the Evolution 2008 meeting in Minneapolis next week (as I had originally planned). If so, I'll be looking forward to hearing peoples' thoughts on this matter in person.

Again, thanks to everyone for their patience in this difficult time.


  1. Mini-meeting before SMBE next year?

  2. RPM:
    That is indeed one possibility that I have considered. The clientele for both meetings is partially overlapping, so that would probably be good.

  3. It's sunny and dry here in the Twin Cities, with only one tornado alert last week.

  4. It was good to meet you. I will definitely will try and come along to the meeting, particularly if it is before SMBE.



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