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Coitus Interruptus in Iowa

May 31 to June 3, 2009!

These are the dates for Evolution of Sex & Recombination: In Theory & In Practice.

Based on overwhelmingly positive responses from the previously scheduled speakers and registrants, we have decided to reschedule the meeting for next year. We are hopeful to have significantly drier weather in 2009.

The reborn Sex & Recombination meeting will immediately precede SMBE 2009, the annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution that will also be held in Iowa City June 3-7, 2009. Both events are being hosted by the Roy J. Carver Center for Comparative Genomics with financial support coming from a number of sponsors.

I'll be posting here and on EvolDir as futher details become available.

Image shows the Iowa River as it runs through the University of Iowa on June 18th. Thanks to Monica.


  1. Is that the Mayflower underwater again? I remember when my brother was a student there, he got flooded out a couple times.

  2. Yup, the Mayflower got hit. You can see it at the very top of the picture. Look here for a close-up picture of Mayflower.

  3. Sex and SMBE in one week? I'm so there.

  4. Great see you there.


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